Sunday, March 6, 2011

February/Early March 2011 Pics

With Mr. Brad, Ella, and Alistair! Three of her MOST favorite people!

More first mommy french braid pics!

Great pics daddy captured on that evening of sidewalk chalk drawing! She loves to walk the planks in our yard!

Many Pics from that recent walk!
First she wanted to swing with daddy!

Swapping hats with daddy!
Truly fascinated with dirt on this walk!

Helping daddy in the kitchen just yesterday!

On the Go Pics Jan-March 2011

With good friends Ethan and Fiona! Ready to go out on a winter's day!


Bathtime Fun! Great time to learn letters! I forgot to mention that she's steadily picking up letter recognition!

Watching basketball players from the track at the Y!

On a carousel on the way home from Christmas break!
Watching folks working out at the Y!

Wearing a jumper mommy used to wear and a backpack mamie made and holding a bear mamie gave her and in the next one pushing the grocery cart mamie gave her!

Yet another hair appointment with Mommy! The owner of the shop took these pics because she thought it was the sweetest thing she'd ever seen and thought it would be a good pic to hang on the wall... We'll see next time we go!

With new friend Jenny who is moving here soon! Hooray!
First braids, not French!
Fun day at Monkey's Treehouse!
First French Braids (done by mommy! Nowhere near as nice as her FIRST french braids done by hair goddess Alisha!)

Up close and personal with the drummers at Pastor Andrew's, now Pastor Anyabwile's, African naming ceremony!
Big girl on the potty!
With the neighbor kids after coloring with sidewalk chalk!
Just cute.

Four Pics from a Sunday Morn!

Several Pics from that recent walk at Centennial Park!