Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Soccer Practice!

Finally uploaded pics from Christmas on... But let's start catching up from today!  Caroline's first soccer practice.

Caroline has been SUPER excited about the idea of playing soccer.  Dr. Who plays soccer/football in one of her favorite episodes afterall.  She received a soccer ball for her birthday and she helped daddy pick out black and pink cleats and black and blue shin guards a few days ago.

She is on a team with 6 other kids, all boys, ages 3-5, all approximately the same height.  She listened so well!  Most of the kids were struggling with the no hands rule, but she got it pretty quickly.  Kept her hands behind her back most of the time.  At one point the coach told her to pick up her ball and she hesitated for quite awhile because she knew she wasn't supposed to touch it!  She learned how to pass the ball and stop a ball when it is passed to her.  She learned to kick the ball down the field towards the goal in five kicks.  Before the practice started Kev explained that you try to keep the ball inside the lines painted on the field... the coach was not so much worried about that today... but Caroline was.  She'd get very anxious whenever she was near the line.  She seemed more concerned with precision than speed... she is definitely our child!  About 40 minutes into the practice as she was bringing the ball back down the field I could see her lip quivering and her eyes filling with tears.  So tired.  Overwhelmed.  Meltdown.  The practice ended 5 minutes later... So, not bad.

My heart was swelling with pride through much of the practice.  I think I might actually get into this soccer mom thing!  First game, April 21st!