Wednesday, July 30, 2008

adjusting to movement

It has been rather delightful to increasingly feel the movements of the babe within me. On Saturday we were driving around and I flipped on n.p.r. and it was an afternoon of opera- opera that was not especially pleasing to either Kevin or me, but the baby started jumping around like crazy. Kev turned off the opera to see if it would calm down. It seemed to. So do we have a little opera lover budding or was it a protest?

Yesterday I hardly felt the baby move at all. I wasn't feeling terribly well in the morning and then the stillness of the baby made me a bit nervous.

The baby remained evidently still through this morning, but on the drive to school the baby started aggressively moving about. The radio wasn't even on. Perhaps the baby just likes the car.

Kev says we'll have to get the baby a bib that says "Keep on truckin'."

Keep moving baby. It helps.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Half Way There and Finally...

... I think I feel the baby moving. Woohoo!

Hit 20 weeks on Thursday.

Keep meaning to take and post a belly pic. Just hasn't been happening.

Katherine took a belly pic by our truck. Maybe she'll e-mail it and I can post it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forgot to Mention the One Concern

It is not that big of a concern and that's probably why I forgot to mention it, but the one caution coming out of the ultrasound was that I have a low lying placenta. It is not covering the os (the opening to the cervix), not even touching the os, which is a good sign, and in most case the placenta moves away as the pregnancy progresses, but this practice would recommend another ultrasound in about 10 weeks to check on the placement of the placenta.

My sister (the midwife) said that the uterus will continue to grow and likely just that growth will create more distance betweeen the placenta and the os. The concern is that if the os ends up covered, that, I believe would be a condition called placenta previa. And it is dangerous. It would mean that vaginal birth is not an option and therefore home birth is completely not an option. My sister says that if that happens I will start bleeding, there will be signs.

But there is no reason to be worried about that at the moment.

Friday, July 11, 2008

No Pics Yet

But the appointment went well today.

I gained 8 (!) pounds in the last three weeks. So that makes 14 for the pregnancy thus far.

The baby was facing my back so no worries about accidentally discovering the gender. Everything looked good, development on schedule, and there's definitely a baby in there. A very mobile baby. It is crazy that the baby could be moving so much and I don't feel it.

The baby is about 11 oz now and 5 plus inches long. Craziness.

It was incredibly cool to see the great big heart and head. And the ribs and spine.

It was pretty neat.

So... it's all good.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Overdue Update

Oh my dear friends and family, if you're still out there reading I thought I should offer an update...

But it is very late and I have little energy after two long days of packing.

Here are several quick thoughts as the first day of my 19th week of pregnancy begins (though the last day of my 18th week of pregnancy has not yet ended)...

I don't yet feel like there is a person inside of me. I am wondering when this will change.

I know. I know. No belly pic since week 7- way overdue. Hopefully soon... because... it finally seems like my belly is changing. My clothes still fit. But examining myself in the mirror tonight I realize things are definitely different.

I may have felt the baby move last week... not sure.

I'm adjusting to side sleeping- not easy.

We have our big ultrasound on Friday at 11. I'm thinking this might help with the whole feeling like a person is growing inside me. If I can figure out how I'll try to post ultrasound pics.