Wednesday, July 30, 2008

adjusting to movement

It has been rather delightful to increasingly feel the movements of the babe within me. On Saturday we were driving around and I flipped on n.p.r. and it was an afternoon of opera- opera that was not especially pleasing to either Kevin or me, but the baby started jumping around like crazy. Kev turned off the opera to see if it would calm down. It seemed to. So do we have a little opera lover budding or was it a protest?

Yesterday I hardly felt the baby move at all. I wasn't feeling terribly well in the morning and then the stillness of the baby made me a bit nervous.

The baby remained evidently still through this morning, but on the drive to school the baby started aggressively moving about. The radio wasn't even on. Perhaps the baby just likes the car.

Kev says we'll have to get the baby a bib that says "Keep on truckin'."

Keep moving baby. It helps.


April said...

So glad you are getting to enjoy this blessing in your new setting, Sarah. That's pure love jumping around in there!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until you are a little further along... and you can lie in the bed... with your shirt pulled up... and watch your belly move and shift like crazy. That is the most awesome thing to watch... because your eyes and your brain just can't seem to put it together that their is a real live human being inside of you. Keep moving sweet baby... let your momma know you are always present.

esperanza said...

yep, it's a tad addictive. The little one who kicked my bladder all the time is still quite a kicker, so you just might have a trucker in there!

Diane said...

that sounds so awesome!