Sunday, June 5, 2011

a tutu, a visit, a ponytail, fun with play dough, a birthday party...

One last pic from our visit to the boat at the beginning of the month. I went shopping with Debbie one day and picked up this outfit for her. So cute.

We had a great visit from Godmama Katie and Godsister Abby early in the month. There were some aspects of having two two year olds together for a weekend that were exhausting for the parental units, but... others were quite delightful. Abby loves her bath so Caroline decided to love it too! And we haven't had bath issues since! They had a blast in the bath together.

Some post bath books...

Unfortunately I don't have any good pics from the puppet show we went to together at the library. This was the first time we went to a library show and Caroline stayed quiet and focused the whole time. She loved it! Abby was frightened by a loud moose that popped up early in the show so, unfortunately, she wasn't able to enjoy the show with us. She remained afraid the rest of the day that a moose was going to pop up and scare her. Poor dear. The girls had fun together while we were waiting for the show however.

I also don't have any pics from mellow mushroom or ben and jerry's. Two great treats enjoyed immensely! C's first taste of ben and jerry's. She wants to go back!

Saying goodbye...

Caroline's been having a lot of fun with the playdough kit Uncle Dan and Aunt Lauren sent along. She is very into cutting at the moment. She spends a good deal of time at school cutting paper. At home she cuts playdough. Kev thinks she's been making some delightful things so he took these pics.

A ponytail!

And just yesterday we helped to celebrate the first birthday of Caroline's dear friend, Alistair! Caroline is VERY into birthdays at the moment. She keeps wishing us a happy birthday. And talking about who's birthday is coming next. She asked if we could have cake for Uncle Daniel's birthday (next week) even though he lives FAR AWAY. That's the next family birthday, so surely there should be cake! Happy Birthday, Alistair!

As of today Caroline is 2 and a half. She (and we) had a rough night last night... she got sick in the night. Taking it easy today. Hoping she'll be well enough for school tomorrow. She's going three days a week now!

More updates are needed, but this is a start!