Friday, May 8, 2009

22 weeks!

(The photo and video were taken on Wednesday. Sorry for the sideways video... but it is cute enough even sideways.)

As of today, day one of Caroline's 23rd week, she weighs 14.8 pounds, up over a pound from last month and just under a pound shy of doubling her birth weight. She is still smack dab in the middle of the 50th percentile for weight. Her doctor is pleased. I'm relieved. I've heard grandparents say that their daughters were starving their babies on breast milk alone, I read this week about breast milk alone being insufficient to satisfy some babies hunger, and it always seems to me my production is low... so I was a little nervous. I wish her length had been measured. Most of her 3-6 month footies barely fit or no longer fit... so she must be longer.

Caroline had a shot today. She was none too pleased. But she seemed to get over it pretty quickly. Phew. As we waited to be called into the doctor's office a little girl (a tall four year old) named Kennedy was smitten with Caroline. She came right over and was patting her head and her face over and over again. Caroline was delighted with this and was flashing grin after grin at her. And in response Kennedy squealed "SHE LIKES ME!" Yes, indeed, Kennedy, she does! When we were called in, I wished Kennedy well and told her to wish Caroline luck as she was due for a shot. She widened her eyes and then smiled at Caroline as she said goodbye. I'd say that was a well wish. It turns out that Caroline's birthday is the day before Kennedy's. They had a special connection! I love the people we meet at the pediatrician's office.

Yesterday was a LONG day. I was due to be examined for membership in the local presbytery and Kev had to work all day. So Caroline was with me. She slept TERRIBLY the night before. And I was more anxious about how I was going to keep her contented through the day than I was about my exam (well, I was a bit nervous about that too... when she wasn't keeping me up I was keeping myself up with anxious thoughts about what exactly I would BRIEFLY say to introduce myself, or I was sleeping poorly due to an anxiety dream.) I was so nervous that her exhaustion was going to equal a very challenging day. But... not so. They arranged for child care for me for the last two hours of the meeting (during which I would be examined), but for the first four plus hours... on my own. SHE WAS WONDERFUL! I had some awkward moments of public nursing (note to self- pull up the button down shirt, don't unbutton, REALLY hard to re-button with one-hand without flashing folks). Fortunately, she is so darn cute and endearing I think any public indecency was graciously overlooked. I spent much of the first four hours of the meeting either nursing her or walking about with her, bouncing her, etc. During the debate that I was most interested in hearing she was quite happy and talky so I listened in from the narthex- not really following it. She'd be quiet in the narthex, but then when I'd get into the sanctuary again (figured I'd try), she'd start babbling again. I think she wanted to interact with ALL the people. And wow, were there a lot of people there for that big debate (far fewer come my exam in the afternoon).

The stated clerk had lined up a helper if need be (particularly if child care fell through for my exam time), and we met to meet her before the meeting. She is a first time grandma and she looked at Caroline and said "How old is she?" "Just five months this Tuesday," I replied. "Oh no, we're going to have to get more specific now, December?" "Yes," I said, "December 5th." "Oh my goodness! She is exactly the same age as my granddaughter!" "Where does your granddaughter live?" "Maryland!" "Well, this girl's grandmas are in New York and Michigan, so if you ever need some grandbaby time... give us a call!" But I didn't end up needing her help... well, I could have used it... constantly moving with a 14 and a half pound weight... on not much sleep... phew... but I survived. And appreciated the exercise. And enjoyed my delightful girl. And caught enough of the debate. And got lots of big smiles from many new admirers of Caroline. And I was VERY grateful when the child care provider arrived. During lunch though several other grandmas in the crowd took their turns holding her and doting on her. I met some former theology professors from my university (who apparently only show up at presbytery for big votes- their votes didn't carry the day, unfortunately. Unless of course I'm misreading them... I don't think so.) and a famousish (in church circles anyhow) author who knows my father-in-law well. Caroline did very well in the nursery... I did fine in my exam... it was a good day. And the night was easier than I expected it would be. (Everything's relative.)

(Guess I'm working backwards through the week.)

Caroline did lots of super rolling around during her play time this week and some mini-scooting. I now need to lay down many blankets so she can MOVE... and move she does... always straight to whatever part of the floor I haven't covered.

Zooming back to Sunday... We were VERY tired at the start of the day.. Kev especially. The afternoon held a few things we wanted to do- an ordination of a colleague of mine (a Southern Baptist WOMAN!) and a choral concert. We were trying to figure out how we could do at least one of the church services and both of those, and we couldn't. So we decided to have a restful morning and then do both afternoon events- taking turns on primary baby duty- Kev for the ordination, me for the concert. The concert was at a beautiful Catholic church where a few of my professors worship. The landscaping around the church was almost more beautiful than the interior. Caroline and I spent a good portion of the concert outside admiring the different plants- I let her feel different leaves and petals- and talking about similarities and differences between Presbyterians and Catholics. I'm sure she was FASCINATED by the latter. We made the right choice. It was a peaceful way to spend the day.

O.K. zooming forward again to yesterday and today... The opening worship at the Presbytery meeting started with a bagpipe and organ prelude. We were seated towards the back of the sanctuary (to enable easy escape- of which we availed ourselves frequently- and of course the bagpipe started in the narthex just behind us... Caroline was peacefully nursing, drifting off... but when the drone began she pulled off dramatically and her face just crumbled when the pipe started she started howling (not that that could be heard over the pipe and very loud organ!) I found this to be hilarious given that Kev and I woke up to the sound of bagpipes on many a Saturday morning of our college careers and had a bagpiper for the prelude at our wedding. I cuddled her close and got her nursing again, whispering to her "This is your heritage, honey. It'll be o.k.." She quickly acclimated and eventually settled into a slumber... for awhile anyhow. Interestingly enough, this morning an intense thunderstorm blew through. I was nursing Caroline as the storm revved up. At one point a very loud thunder clap resounded, shaking the back of her house... and she pulled off dramatically, her face crumbled, and she started to wail. An identical reaction! She lets lots of loud noises go, but these were new... and intrusive... and her reactions were adorable (especially because she was quickly calmed.)


ymp said...

My uncle always told me that doubling weight was worth celebrating because it happened so much more rarely over the course of a lifetime. I am, however, no help on how to celebrate such an occasion

esperanza said...

Wow, she's growing! She's almost as big as A already (at 17.5 pounds, not a big feat, but still). And--our Presbytery *always* has child care for the entire meeting. You have to sign up ahead of time, but it's always offered. Sounds like you have survived a big week. Congratulations!

Sarah S-D said...

i'm musing on this idea, ymp, i wonder if it would help prevent weight issues (in the head i mean)- perhaps the family could take a hike at every doubling or something. cool thought.

and esperanza, i think this presbytery probably has the same policy, but the information about where to call to reserve child care and by when was either not in the packet or hard to find, perhaps it was announced at the previous meeting. i still haven't found it in writing anywhere. i called after the deadline that i didn't know existed and they had already cancelled the care they had lined up and had to scramble to get any for me. i could have insisted on coverage for the day, but as i was past the deadline i didn't want to be a burden. and given that i would need to nurse her and couldn't vote anyhow it didn't make sense to tie someone up last minute.

Rebecca said...

Happy first Mother's Day!

Desert Mama said...

childcare at presbytery - a continual pet peeve of mine. I'll leave it at that....
I wanted to say that I remember well taking M. to presbytery when she was about 4 months or so. There was a big debate over something that I can't remember - not amendments - and we were stopped for the stated clerk to look up something in Robert's rules on how to proceed. This is never good, in my experience. So, I decided that I would take advantage of the break to go and do a diaper change and got up and walked across the room to the door - and I could feel the tension start to ease as folks saw M. and started to smile at her, etc. Several told me, "we need more babies at presbytery." It was a grace moment that I will remember always....