Saturday, August 1, 2009

Standing and Climbing- Caroline Grace in her 34th Week

Caroline has been spending more time in her Pack and Play lately. Yes, Dr. Sears doesn't see much point in these "cages"- I think that's his word, save for using them as an occasional safety precaution, but... Caroline likes it. It gives her a challenging and rewarding space in which to practice standing. She has to really reach, and sometimes she presses against the mesh like it is a wall to work her way up. Below are a series of pictures that shows her in action. I think she's wearing one of my old dresses here. Am I right about that, Mamie? Or was this Aunt Katherine's?

And here are a few pictures of her approaching the step. I have a video as well, but as images are taking a long time to load today, I'm not sure about the video. I'm going to get image posts up first and THEN shoot for video. I may edit to add video later.

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