Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blurb 2- "You have a choice..."

About a month ago we were blessed to have some time at Uncle Don and Aunt Debbie's lovely Kentucky cabin. It was a nice change of scenery for my studying and allowed Kev and Caroline some fun day trips and connections with Kentucky friends. We enjoyed having dinner on their screened in porch each night that we were there. Caroline spent a fair bit of time exploring the contents of the porch and she especially enjoyed moving the pillows from their porch furniture around, and, in particular, putting them on the floor and then laying down on them. She was always eager for us to finish eating and talking and to join her in playing. One evening she put the pillows on the floor and then urged Kevin to come lie down on them. He declined her invitation. She then looked at him rather sternly and said "Daddy, you have a choice! You can lie down on the pillows OR... you can take me to the zoo. Hey..." her voice turned from stern to sweet "You want to go to the zoo?"

When the child is the disciplinarian...

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