Thursday, October 30, 2008

a helpful exchange

The head of my fellowship program (who was actually my first point of contact at this institution, prior even to him being at this institution, but that's a long story) was waiting at the corner to cross the street to approach the divinity school as Kev and I approached the corner for the same purpose this morning- BRIGHT and early- Kev had to start work at 7:45 today and I had class, with said head of fellowship program, at 8:10 a.m. He asked as we crossed the street how I'm feeling and I honestly said "Not ready." And he laughed. He has two children, one a toddler, one a fairly new, still, infant. (His wife has passed on lots of maternity clothes to me.) "When is one ever ready?" He replied. "One can only be ready by some sense of false consciousness." But he thought for a moment and then said "But at the same time, your body is totally ready, or will be when it is time, and that is all your baby needs- you and your body. So, you are ready in the way that counts." I thanked him and we went our separate ways.

Some of you said as much in the comments, but... it was nice hearing it from him. Really nice.

Thank you God for the Kind Indian Grocer and the Head of my Fellowship Program (and for the really sweet voice mail from a friend and the great e-mails and the wonderful comments on the blog...) I hear ya.


Heidi said...

What wonderful words he had. What a blessing! ((((Sarah))))

Shalom said...


Praying for you daily.