Tuesday, October 14, 2008

today's check-up

blood pressure 120/80

weight 215.5 (!)

baby's heart rate 140 (perfect! said the midwife)

baby seemed to be, once again, right side, head down.

measured at 32 cm, as i'm in my 32nd week that's right on target.

having an ultrasound in about two weeks, hopefully.

time to start gathering the supplies for the home birth.

and, ahem, to unpack the stuff cluttering the nursery/a.k.a. junkroom and start to make it into a nursery... almost 7 weeks, just 7 weeks till the due date.


esperanza said...

wow, sounds great. And, yes, you should plan on getting to that nursery...we procrastinated way too long on that. I can't believe it's only 7 more weeks! I'm getting excited for you.

Heidi said...

That's wonderful. And the home birth sounds so powerful -- do tell us what "supplies" you will be procuring? You mean, it's more than just boiling some water? Enjoy the nursery! And hope school continues well.

April said...

Seven weeks!!! Wow, how exciting, Sarah! What a blessed and full time this is for you. I know I've not been commenting, but have been reading and holding you in prayer...

Mama V said...

sounds great! think you'll get a birthing tub? I highly recommend it! ;)

Sarah S-D said...

our midwife has four tubs that she lets clients "borrow"- so yes! absolutely. our tub in this house is WAY too small for the task. she'll bring the tub to our 36 week home visit.

did you have a birthing tub at your home birth? i don't remember that from the story, mama v.

when i find the supply list, heidi, i'll be sure to share it.

Jon said...

Awesome! It sounds very exciting. Can't wait to read the post-birth blog.