Friday, June 5, 2009

Lots of Pics from this 26th week!

A few shots from Caroline's first Pentecost

Making music with daddy on Pentecost

Just after graduating from bumbo (be sure to check out the comic book below for more of these great shots! two posts down!)

Saying grace before dinner (taking a book break!)

In the arms of the middle child from next door and her cousin (just after they stopped over to help with the garden)

Meeting Abby, her godsister, for the first time!

And here's Abby in the chair that once was Owen's, then was Caroline's, and now may be Abby's.

And a few joyful jumps on her six month birthday...


daisy said...

her first booboo band aid on her leg?

Heidi said...

Sarah, she's just beautiful! I LOVE the saying grace picture.