Friday, July 3, 2009

30!!!! Weeks!!!

30 weeks? Really? Wow. Wow. Wow. And in just two days... seven months!

Little Mary predicted that Caroline would be crawling by this update... not quite. She is yet closer, but still hasn't coordinated the four limbs. She is getting very good at what I understand some people call the "army crawl"- arms only, pulling forward with all her might. And every day she works, works, works... she still frequently pulls onto all fours while nursing... not wanting to waste any time! She will master this!

She did figure out how to pull into a sitting position on her own from time to time this week. Often from crawling or rolling to sitting. She can't quite get from back to a sitting position quite yet, but when in motion she often lands sitting... and is quite pleased with herself.

She DEFINITELY has two teeth poking through on the bottom now. They are sharp and STRONG. Our poor girl has worked hard on getting those teeth out this week.

Big events of the week?

First campout- in our backyard!

Of course it was one of the hottest nights of the year and neighbors a few houses down were having a LOUD party with a d.j. So, we modified our plans a bit. Kev cooked on the back deck, but we moved our picnic to our bed and hung out inside until a bit later. The first couple of hours in the tent were rough- HOT and LOUD, but... by 1:30 it felt quite nice in there. And we survived the night. We ate our first sweet corn of the season- not our corn, yet, but corn from the farmer's market. Hmmm... nothing tastes more like summer... except maybe watermelon... which I also ate my first of, from the farmer's market, that night. Some pics from the occasion...

hanging with daddy while he cooks on the deck and meeting corn!

picnic on the bed

In the tent! Blurry, but... hey, it's a shot!

And after church after the campout! Mommy in a dress she hasn't been able to wear for a long time! Baby in a dress that Cousin Jenny sent along!

A visit from Great Uncle Dick- Kev's uncle! He was in Nashville for a quick business trip and swung by for about an hour Tuesday morning. It was lovely to spend some time with him.

And we took three more walks at the park this week. Here's a shot from today!

And finally several more shots from today! Hammy pics mostly! Including at least one gum up smile- her latest look!

And we have so many videos, but I have had so little luck posting them! Here is one from today! And maybe I'll get more up later this weekend. We'll see! It is awfully late now though. So just one for now.


Silent said...

Baby Girl (13 months now--wow!) STILL does not sit up from flat on her back without either rolling to tummy, standing up, and then deciding to sit down or without pulling on something.

I know you've been doing applejuice popsicles. As Baby Girl was eating watermelon this week, I thought, "wow, these are juicy. Wouldn't take much to make juice and freeze." My babysitter also said with her first child, she read that melons are okay first foods, so she tried to blend a cantaloupe and ended up with just juice, not realizing how much water they contain. Don't know if you want to expand your popsicle flavors, but melons might be an option if you haven't thought of those.

I love these updates! I wish I was so disciplined.

Heidi said...

What a fun post! You guys are having a jolly summer. And what a charmer your little girl is... whoa! Great great pics. And congrats on your sweet blue dress! Cute!