Friday, July 17, 2009

32 Weeks- Animalia (and VIDEOS!)

We think our girl might be a monkey, but we don't yet have pics or video to prove it. She LOVES bananas. Cannot be fed bits of banana fast enough. AND she loves hanging upside down. Some years ago I was sent a link to a Creation Science Fair in which one of the winning projects was (horrific to both Kevin and me) a girl disproving evolution by presenting her uncle who doesn't like bananas as evidence that we can't possibly be descended from monkeys. Perhaps there were some other elements to her proof, but this was key. Well... we're happy to present Caroline as counter proof to this absurd project! And we're happy that there's a solid Caroline enjoys! It is hard to say whether she especially likes bananas or if she's just old enough now to be less put off by the texture of solids. We'll be trying other things soon!

Then again she also might be a snake. She hisses quite frequently. I wouldn't have imagined giving birth to a Slytherin, but... hey Harry himself spoke parsel tounge, so perhaps she's a Gryffindor afterall... I don't think we have her hissing on tape... but it is hilarious.

I'm hoping to be able to post a series of videos in which Caroline is a bear hunter. Working on that now... Guess it was a WILD week.

The rest of our time in Florida was good- restful mostly. Caroline did warm up to great grandma a bit, especially when she realized great grandma had an interesting watch to explore. She had a great morning in church, impressing all around. Caroline was a champion traveller on what proved to be a much longer trip home than anticipated. She slept almost the whole way from Sarasota to Atlanta and then was happy player through a VERY long delay getting out of Atlanta (of course after they loaded us on the plane and pulled us away from the gate) and an extra long flight home because of bad weather in Nashville. She started to meltdown at the airport when we waited for a bag that never showed up. Thank goodness, however, her car seat did come through. And eventually we returned to home sweet home. The bag showed up the next morning.

That was a rough night. I think she and I only got a sum total of three hours of sleep. Daddy maybe got a bit more, but not much.

Much of the rest of the week has been spent in catching up- on sleep, on laundry, on study, on learning to crawl...

Here's my sense on the crawling thing... she can do it. She just doesn't want to. She wants to walk. She crawls a few steps and then straightens her legs as if to stand with hands touching the floor. If the videos manage to get loaded you'll see her do this once or twice. She definitely does crawl from time to time. And she effectively moves herself where she wants to go one way or another, but she is desperate to walk. She is pulling up quite regularly now. I hope she'll keep working on the crawling, but we'll see...

Week two of babysitting for Fiona was exhausting, but good. Fiona had a better, more comfortable day and Caroline had a decent day. Both the girls seemed to want mostly me, most of the time. That was a bit much at times, though flattering. Sam, Fiona's mom, left behind her ERGO baby carrier for us to use with Fiona on a walk. She said I'd love it and I do. I don't know if Caroline would, but... think I'll be trying that next week and hunting Craig's List. If anyone has one that they want to loan or hand down, I'd be thrilled! The girls both did very well on the walk. And had some good times of play together.

There's a bug in our household at the end of this week. Kev got sick, sick, sick yesterday. I felt lousy two days ago and sapped of energy much of the week, but haven't yet gotten really sick. Kev is much better now. It seemed to work its way through in about 36 hours or less. I might be coming down with it now... or else I'm just fighting it hard... we'll see. I really hope I'm not or that if I am that I get it soon because I'm preaching Sunday morning. And leading worship with a stomach bug is for the birds. I've done it once and I don't care to do it again. Caroline seems to maybe have a touch of it, but so far has been in pretty good spirits if a bit clingy. Hopefully we'll all be well soon.That's about all I can think to share about this week.

(Pics tomorrow folks... if I'm lucky before I go to bed tonight there will be three videos up... two are up already. The other is taking forever to load and I have a baby melting down and stomach churning who knows what... so... I'm going to release the expectation of myself that I will get both videos and pics up tonight.)


Silent said...

Baby Girl didn't start to crawl very much until after she walked. She'd walk away from whatever she was holding on to, fall down, then crawl back to something that she could pull herself up on. She did some crawling before, but not much.

Glad to hear she likes a solid! And bananas are great because they are so portable--you can always have one handy in a diaper bag.

Hope you continue to fight off the bug and Sunday goes well!

Shalom said...

LOVE the videos. I fear you are not raising a vegetarian. :) My 8-month old niece does a similar sort of crawl: I think she is so eager to walk that, essentially, she walks with her right leg and then drags her left leg behind her. She is surprisingly fast!

Hope the preaching went well today.

LittleMary said...

i love the videos too:) she is getting so big and really is a funny girl!