Monday, March 15, 2010

this just in...

... Caroline is tired of having apple cut into bits or even slices for her. She wants the whole thing. And does a pretty good job with those teeny, tiny teeth of hers gnawing at a great, big apple!

... Caroline is able to rock steadily on her Pa's rocking horse, which is fairly high off the ground! She grunted towards it this afternoon and pointed at it eagerly. I got it down and put her on it and she started rocking, and rocking. She curls her little feet as if to cling on, and sometimes wraps her legs around the front. She's such a big girl!

and the biggest news of all?

...Caroline slept A FULL NIGHT in her crib last night. She awakened early, but... no earlier than we needed to this day. She cried out a few times and seemed to be waking up, but Kev went and checked and she was crying in her sleep. She had good long stretches in her Godsister's crib this weekend. The first night back was not a great night for sleeping, but last night... golden!

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