Sunday, June 20, 2010


Caroline is perfecting the art of licking. While she likes bread just fine, and bananas even finer... what she likes most of all is... peanut butter. And she will open a sandwich the moment she gets it and commence to linking out its contents... or will lick off a banana only, in both cases, to hand the bread or the banana back and say "more."

The other night she was enjoying her homemade saag paneer (spinach and cheese), one of her favorite dinners, but then lost interest before eating very much. I was a bit hungry yet so I got myself a banana and peanut butter for a supplemental snack. She assertively let us know that she wanted some. She had too much banana already that day so we encouraged her to eat more of her dinner. We then put just a bit of peanut butter on top of a big spoonful of saag paneer and she eagerly gulped it down. This worked for three or four spoonfuls, but then she slowed down and realized that if she were very careful she could eat JUST the peanut butter and so commenced delicate licking. Not sure how she got that sticky peanut butter off the squishy spinach and cheese, but she did so...

And as I type this she's licking/sucking an apple juice popsicle. She can polish off a whole popsicle on her own now!

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daisy said...

so much change I see in one month! mamie