Monday, July 5, 2010

19 months!

For now a bunch of pics... text later... maybe tomorrow?!

Here she is today all 19 months of her!

C with Lola and wearing Aunt Khaki's beads! Two treats of Oregon, Maya's great big dog who shares the house with Katherine, Maya, Ryan, and Lindsay- very patient with Caroline who LOVED her- AND Aunt Khaki's fun jewelry that she shared so freely. C wore these and another string of beads on our trip to the zoo and got lots of attention for it!

With Mamie sniffing cinnamon... she spent LOTS of quality time with spices and loved ones in Oregon!

With grandpa, whom she dubbed papa, and uncle john (a friend of papa's from seminary who spent the week with us in Portland), and mommy.

A few pics taken of C at our church's juneteenth celebration. A HOT day, but C doesn't mind. She LOVES being outside no matter the temperature, especially when there are doggies around.

C at the beach in Florida! She LOVED the ocean though none of these pics quite captures that. She frequently ended up going in fully clothed, but here, at least, she had on her suit!

And here's one after taking a dip clothed.

Every five years at the Fontaine family reunion the Pirate of Pisgah makes an appearance and sends the kids on a treasure hunt. Here are a few pics of C from the time around the pirate's appearance. Unfortunately, I don't have one of C and the pirate. Nola Grace, born exactly a week after C is in one of the pics with her.

A late nap during happy hour...

Relaxing at the cabana in Florida

And C loves the pool too! So much so that we came home from Florida and joined the Y. She's already been swimming at the Y twice since we got back, once just this morning.

With cousins...

With Pa and Eepa and cousin Elliott...

The Doughty Clan in full...

And with Eepa... doing one of her favorite things these days... kissing. Aww... so sweet.

It was so wonderful to be with everyone, thanks to GG and Pa and Eepa for making that possible. I don't have quick and easy access to a pic of C with GG from this trip though Eepa got a good one, I think, of both Nola and Caroline with GG. So, maybe I'll get it up later. C learned to say GG on the trip and that was great. And we had a nice visit with her in her room at the medical center where she lives now.

Enjoying pizza shortly after arriving home. Whitney, these shots are for you!

Two more favorite things... story time with daddy- she is LOVING this book lately, "Hush little baby don't say a word," a hand-me-down from my childhood... and loving her baby dolls...


Katherine said...

I can't believe how much her hair has grown in less than a month; She's gorgeous! Happy 19 months, sweet Caroline!

jsd said...

Beautiful pictures :)