Saturday, July 10, 2010

Even her poop sings!

Caroline spent several hours with Sam, Matt, Ethan and Fiona tonight. Included among their adventures was a trip to a pizza place. While at the pizza place, Sam kept hearing a very high pitched, quiet "happy birthday" being intoned. Matt couldn't hear it. But a little while later Fiona started singing it so she knew she wasn't the only one hearing it. But, alas, they couldn't determine the source.

Yet awhile later Caroline stood up in her high chair and pulled at her diaper as if to indicated "Ahem, I need you to do something about this now!" So Sam picked her up and took her to the bathroom. While the bathroom she continued to hear "happy birthday" and when she opened C's diaper, she definitely heard it. Well, now she was curious. She really didn't want to go digging through poo, but... she did. And right in the middle of the poop, completely encased, was a metal birthday candle holder we have that plays "happy birthday." It was Caroline's poop singing all along. Funniest thing? Yesterday was Aunt Khaki's birthday... Caroline loves her so much she wanted to offer a very special birthday song!

On the drive home Fiona started singing in her sweet 20 month old voice "Happy birthday to you..." and Sam started laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face.

How or when she swallowed this thing we have no idea. It was floating around the past few days and neither of us noticed it disappear. She has ceased to put things in her mouth quite as much so we don't watch as carefully. She must have just sucked this thing down. That it made it all the way through her digestive system, and fairly quickly at that... astonishing. And she didn't even evidence any discomfort while filling her diaper. She doesn't usually tell Sam to change her when she's pooped though... so maybe she was a bit uncomfortable! We were inclined at first to think she shoved it in her diaper, but Sam changed her once before they left and it wasn't in there then. And it was completely encased. And when we changed her later her rectum was quite irritated. So... looks like she did swallow it.

And the most amazing thing? It still works.


esperanza said...

That has to be the craziest poop story I have ever heard! I can't believe it was still singing. You will never be able to sing Happy Birthday again without thinking of this!

Juniper said...

so funny!! thanks for the story!

dana said...

hilarious! thanks for sharing! my "baby" is 17 now and i miss the bizarre baby stories!

LittleMary said...

that is so funny and so scary. and so gross. wow.

Anonymous said...

This is, quite possibly, the funniest parenting story I have ever read. I just can't imagine the looks on everyone's faces! And I can't wait to one day hear a teenage Caroline recount the story herself!