Thursday, July 8, 2010


Caroline's word of the weekend on our family reunion trip was "OUTSIDE!" Shortly before we left for Florida her multi-functional "SIDE" (for outside or inside, though usually for outside!) became "OUTSIDE!" And I use all caps intentionally because she says it with great passion and signs it too! She said it hundreds of time in Florida, even though the mercury was bubbling towards 100! The funniest two times were these... waking up from a nap one afternoon, as soon as she had enough consciousness to say anything she said groggily, yet emphatically "outside! outside!" rubbing her eyes and wasting not a moment. The last night the family was gathered outside in the patio area of the cabanas. Caroline was sleeping in a crib in our room upstairs in one of the cabanas. Kev and I took turns going to check on her. Once when I checked she woke up slightly with the creaking of the door. She fussed a bit then sleepily said "outisde... slurp, wimper... outsi..." Too cute.

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