Friday, August 20, 2010

First Haircut!

Well, it finally seemed her bangs were just too long and her willingness to keep a bow or barrette in her hair just too low... so I made an appointment for both of us to see Lindsay today. My hair needed freshening up. Hers, it seemed, needed official bangs. Here she is just before the cut. Would you agree? Or did we act rashly?

She sat on my lap as my color settled in. And then Lindsay started snipping. We have the first snip in a baggie. She was mildly curious at first, and then a bit squirmy. Lindsay first cut the bangs to just above her brow. Then we let her play around a bit. When she wanted to get back on my lap again, Lindsay cut the bangs even shorter, at the request of both Kevin and me. She was very squirmy this second go around so we pulled out an odwalla protein bar and that contented her for the last few snips.

Between the first round of snips and the second round of snips, Lindsay and Caroline looked at a book on the couch together.

She then brought the book to me which gave the opportunity for the second round of snips.

And here are the three of us!

And a profile pic from the midst of the cutting for good measure!

Thanks to daddy for his good photos and care of Caroline at the salon today. And thanks to Lindsay for a great first cut!

I texted a photo of C just after the cut to my sister and brother. My brother replied "Awww... she looks like a little Dutch girl!" My sister replied "Not too clear a pic on my phone. Did she like it? Did she get a lollipop? Did you cry?" I don't know if she liked it, but she didn't hate it. No she didn't get a lollipop. No, I didn't cry, but... it is a bit sad. Though Lindsay did a great job it looks so... unnatural. But as Kevin said at dinner tonight, it is awfully nice to have a clear view of her eyes.


laurie said...

looks adorable and i love love your hair! you got banged too...looks fabulous!

esperanza said...

I think she's adorable (of course she was before the haircut too). And I agree that the second snip improved the bangs. Cute, cute, cute.