Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taste and See!

When Caroline is the car and asks for "fruit, peez," she's asking for a dried fruit strip (like a fruit roll up, but just fruit and juice). When she wants particular types of fruit she asks for them by name.

A few days ago she asked for fruit and I wasn't sure if we had any strips in the car so I gave her some dried berries that were at the top of the snack bag (leftover from the road trip a few weeks ago). She looked puzzled when I dropped the berries into her hand. "Dis not fruit."

"Yes, Caroline, actually it is," said I.

"Taste and see, Caroline, O taste and see," said Kev.

Next thing we knew her mouth was wide open and she was declarig "I can't see." Not sure how to transcribe the wide mouth, full mouthed talking.

Though I believe in explaining things to kids, a figurative use of the verb "to see"? That's a stumper!


Katherine said...

ha ha! does she know the word understand yet?

Sarah S-D said...

i don't think so! is this aunt khaki?