Wednesday, January 5, 2011

November 2010 Pics

A November Outing with Daddy

A Nap with Best Friend Fiona

Getting Into Mommy's Shoes (November 2010)

Ready for Ella's Birthday Party

With Aunt Khaki (you can sort of see C's messed up eye!)

Watching Papa Play Snood

A Nap Before Uncle Dan's Wedding

With Daddy After Uncle Dan and Aunt Lauren's Wedding

Getting Ready for a Photo Shoot with Cousin Gracie (thanks for the beautiful headband Wendy!)

With Cousin Gracie


Nursing a Baby Doll Who Clearly Needs A Diaper Change

Playing With Haley

Enjoying an Early Birthday Cupcake (first one with Great Uncle Hugh) (The best shot from this sequence is in last month's post.)

Opening Presents "Yook at DIS!"

With Cousin Suzy on our Trip Home

Many more pics to come... and LOTS OF UPDATES. But for now... sleep...

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