Thursday, January 6, 2011

December 2010 (mostly lots of shots from our GREAT vacation!)

She loves to brush her teeth or at least to suck the toothbrush! She also LOVES to wash her hands. Love the potty that doubles as a stool!

We didn't get many shots at her birthday party and the best shots we did get were with Heather, mommy to Ella and Alistair (Alistair is one of the babies for whom Kev is providing care.) Here she meets her sing-a-ma-jig bear for the first time. Not so sure about it then. LOVES it now.

In a super cute outfit from Aunt Janet! Aunt Janet picks out GREAT clothes for C!

En Route to Pa and Eepa's for Christmas we stopped to see dear friends Rebecca, Joshua, and Owen. They came to see us shortly before Caroline was born to help us get ready for her arrival, but had never met her! Caroline gave Owen a gift and Owen gave Caroline a gift!

We thought we would be taking Caroline to a winter wonderland for Christmas, but... there was more snow in Nashville than Southwest Michigan on Christmas day! Oh well! There was a bit though and Caroline LOVED the sled.

A few shots from Christmas Eve

A bunch of shots from Christmas morning

Lots of shots from fun with Pa and Eepa! They SHOWERED her with love and attention and she thrived on it.

We are SO grateful for and to Pa and Eepa! We had a WONDERFUL visit. Half way home C said "I want see Pa and Eepa." And upon arriving home "See Pa and Eepa now?" Aww... We miss you both and love you much!

All these pictures have stories that could be told with them, and there is MUCH updating to do on the exciting development of sweet Caroline Grace, but... first I wanted to catch up on the picture backlog... stories to follow... getting closer... (Sorry for a TOTAL lack of organization here!)


Wendy said...

love them all! what great memories you guys are making. and what a big girl she is! still can't get over our girls-guess i really never will. gracie includes caroline ("cawline") when discussing her friends, and mentions her often. wouldn't mind freezing time here for a bit. much love to the 3 of you, and happy new year!

Sherry Mc said...

Wow, she looks like a different little girl than at Thanksgiving. Such a beautiful smile. Has she added a couple of inches? Great to see you all relaxing!! Happy New Year with love, GAS

daisy said...

Hey Caroline! Mamie has a thing a ma jig too!