Thursday, August 14, 2008

a few random baby related thoughts

  • I had my first dream, this pregnancy, where I actually gave birth to a baby. I didn't have any sort of labor. I had the sense my water was about to break and I went to the bathroom. It seemed to break when I was on the toilet and the next thing I knew the baby was coming out. I caught the baby before it fell into the toilet, noticed that the cord was wrapped around its neck four times, unwrapped the cord, the baby picked up better color and then started breathing, though not really crying. Everything seemed fine so I wrapped the baby up and took the baby out to show my sister and Kevin. My sister freaked out because I had touched the cord (absolutely ridiculous, but that's what happened in the dream), but I wasn't phased because the baby wasn't breathing and then was so I felt I had done the right thing. She asked if it was a boy or a girl and I realized I had forgotten to check and I checked and... boy. Don't know that that means anything, just thought I'd make note of it here.

  • So the two giving birth dreams I've had in the past two weeks, the nightmare and then this one, both involved minimal to no labor. I told my sister I didn't think I should make much of this, but she said "You might have a fast labor. Mom dilated to 10 cm with you in three hours." She ended up having a c-section anyhow, which is a shame, but... good to know.

  • I've been doing pre-natal yoga, using a d.v.d., pretty regularly for the last week or so. I'm finding it relaxing and strengthening and not too difficult (thanks to Rebecca for giving me this d.v.d. along with so many other goodies for me and for baby), except for the hip opening poses. I'm no good at those. That seems unfortunate.

  • I've been reading Ina May Gaskin's guide to childbirth every night before bed and am becoming more and more convinced about the whole mind-body connection thing. I'm becoming conscious of some mental work I need to do before giving birth. I've asked my sister for help.

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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the dreams for several days now... and this post in particular. Do you think that you could move the baby book reading to earlier in the day. I wonder if reading stuff about being pregnant... giving birth... near bedtime... is giving your brain too much to process during your sleep? Just wondering out loud....