Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Most Recent Check-Up

Kevin and I drove about 20 minutes to our new midwife's house for a check-up this past Monday. Her partner and her apprentice (both of whom will likely be the primaries for our birth) were also there. The appointment was much longer than what I was used to with my practice in Syracuse. They actually asked how I was feeling... what a concept! I'm sure not all my appointments will be quite so long, but they had to take my history, etc. I've gained another six pounds, for a total of 16 so far in this pregnancy. And the baby was favoring my right side and lying horizontally. The baby's heart rate was a bit slower than it has been, but healthy. And my blood pressure was much higher than at my last two appointments, but... still... healthy. (And my sister says digital cuffs can give a distortedly low reading and those two times were digital cuffs, this was a manual cuff.) The main midwife would like me to have another ultrasound around 30 weeks to make such that my placenta is still away from the os just because with a homebirth she wants to be sure to have all the information possible so that a hospital transfer isn't done unnecessarily. She wants to see me again in two weeks, though normally it would be four weeks, because we're behind in forming a relationship and because she'll have info back on insurance then.

As I've been typing this the baby has been moving around like crazy. The babe was pretty still the past few days. It is good to feel the movement again.

All is well.

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Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.