Friday, September 4, 2009

39 weeks! So. Many. Pictures.

These first few pics are from last week. Caroline LOVES to play the piano! She has taken to pulling up on the piano and reaching to bang away while standing. We don't have any pics of that... but these will do! Great video from this day too... we'll see if it will load after I get everything else posted!

More pics from last week... From the airport and flight... EARLY Friday morning... she was SUCH a good traveller!

And all dressed up for the rehearsal dinner- thanks to cousins Peter and Jennifer for this adorable outfit that has been tempting me in her closet for months!

Fun in our cabin (and a bit of Buber reading!) Caroline LOVES to be held upside down! Our little monkey...

Just one shot from the wedding itself. The rest didn't really come out. And this one isn't great. She looked so pretty! The wedding was AMAZING. It may well have been the coolest wedding ever! The happy, generous couple hired a sitter to watch Caroline during the ceremony and reception. The plan was to get her all dressed up and bring her out for the cocktail hour, but of course she was sound asleep at the cocktail time! She hung out in the tent for a bit of the dinner though! She gave her sitter a bit of a rough time, I'm afraid. But both survived...

The trip home from the wedding was pretty special. First we went to visit Kev's Great Aunt Betsy who recently celebrated her 97th birthday! She looks WONDERFUL and was a most gracious hostess. We hadn't seen her since her 90th birthday and we had a lovely visit. Caroline was in a great mood. She had fun crawling around under her kitchen table... and... chewing on Great Aunt Betsy's shoes, she actually bit off a tassle! That was a bit embarrassing. But... Betsy took it in stride. We're so glad we had some time with her and so grateful for her wonderful hospitality.

And then we met up with Mamie, Grandpa, and Uncle Daniel at the home of a high school friend of my dad. It was the first time Grandpa and Uncle Daniel saw Caroline since she was 3 weeks old! Mamie brought coneys (white hot dogs famous in Central New York) and a homemade flourless chocolate cake. Yummy! Twas a short visit, but lovely. We're hoping to get home for a longer visit at Christmas. Don't you just love the gorgeous dress Mamie made for Caroline?

I celebrated my 33rd birthday this week! We had friends over a day early. Kev made a delicious dinner and a MARVELOUS cake. And he got Caroline all dressed up!

Phew! Enough pics for you?!

Just a few updates that aren't reflected in the pics...

Caroline has discovered that it is great fun to pull wet clothes out of the dryer just as soon as daddy puts them in.

Apparently she went on a bit of a rampage today... getting into everything in a rather destructive way... just wait until she's walking! Aie.

Forgive me for mentioning it, but her bowels are moving MUCH more frequently now that she is eating solids... and she makes the funniest faces when they do...

Caroline was dubbed the cutest baby at the wedding (by some folks...) and lots of folks, apparently, were cooing over her when daddy took her grocery shopping today.

OH, the biggest news of all... last Sunday as we drove to Albany from Mass, I watched Caroline teach herself how to clap! It was incredible. She held her hands a bit apart, then looked at them intensely, then she slowly brought them together, and looked very pleased with herself. At first her hands made no noise, and then she brought them together faster and faster... and was THRILLED with the results. She's been clapping on and off all week. We have a video... but... not sure if we'll get it up tonight or not.


Rev SS said...

So many wonderful picture of such a beautiful girl, who has a beautiful mother. Happy B'day!

Wendy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COUSIN! I found that every celebration/holiday, etc, takes on more meaning as a mommy, don't you think? And nope, never enough pictures for me!
Thanks for the idea with the lentils-sounds yummy-Gracie will try them soon! Bigs hugs! love, w

jsd said...

I'm always amazed at how quickly children grow. Watching them transform is breathtaking.