Sunday, September 20, 2009

A pictorial view of 41 weeks!

Wasn't it nice having thoughts from daddy? I just couldn't keep my eyes open Friday night and begged him to post something anything... as he is spending WAY more time with Caroline than I these days... it is especially good for his voice to be here.

He forgot to mention that last Sunday after I preached at a church not too far away we tried to take a nap, but Ms. Caroline was WIRED. So we decided to head to the zoo to make use of the membership that Mamie and Grandpa gave us for my birthday/our anniversary (which is tomorrow! 7 years!) figuring the drive there, or the walk around the zoo, would put her to sleep... um, no... but she was happy to be outside. Captivated more by the people than the animals. Kev hadn't been to a zoo in a LONG time and historically has not been a fan... but he likes it! I think daddy and baby will be spending a fair bit of time there.

But see? She really needed a nap. (She'll use a pacifier these days, finally! More as a teether than anything else...)

A few more shots from the zoo. I have some good animal pics, but this is Caroline's blog, right? So... some so, so pics of her!

But when we got home... finally... she napped... twas a LATE nap and thus a LATE night... but... ah... sleep...

(As I prepare this post both daddy and baby are taking sabbath naps! C conked out at the end of church and didn't even wake up when we got her into her carseat for more than just a moment. She's sound asleep in her car seat in the nursery. Daddy is in bed next to me, breathing deeply!)

Apparently one of Caroline's favorite things to do these days is to pull up on the low bookshelf in our kitchen and pull the
cookbooks off one by one... she then enjoys eating the books one at a time. Here she examines a tasty bread cookbook after pulling it off the shelf...

She's also still pretty fond of pulling up on the piano bench and reaching up to play a note or two...

And she likes crawling under the piano bench, too. Daddy says she often tries to stand up when she gets under there and gets pretty frustrated when she bangs her head (that noggin... she bangs it and bangs it and bangs it...) but the day I was shooting her movements she crawled right back out and isn't she just the cutest?

And our girl is a drama queen. Just a few of her many faces and moves... Meal times can be such fun...

But the BIGGEST development of the week is that she points now! Here she is at the Mexican restaurant last night pointing away. She's clapping less, pointing more... She especially likes to point at the colorful thingie hanging over her changing table. When we then spin it she gets very excited. Maybe soon she'll point then clap!