Friday, September 11, 2009

40 weeks old!

40 weeks! Now she's been out of me as long as she was in me!

The last few days the most impressive thing about Caroline (other than her glorious existence) has been the way her babbling has developed. She often sounds like Elmer Fudd to me, She is playing with sounds in fascinating ways! I wish I had a video or a sound clip to share, but I don't. Lots of v's and b's and g's and of course lots of D's. (During this post the best string of syllables was L based, it almost sounded like Lori, Lori, Lori- with a bit of a flip on the R. It is hard to transcribe her speech!)

As I began to write this Caroline was nursing on and off. This is a bit of a ritual these days. When I come home from a long day away she typically nurses pretty quickly. She's not always that hungry, but it seems important for reconnecting. The neighbor girls are over for the first time since Caroline's fall when they were playing with her. Apparently the older sister, Destiny, has only held her so far on the couch. She's nervous. Poor girl. But Destiny is happily playing on Kevin's computer... I think this may be a major motivation for their visits!

Kev shared that Caroline stood on her own for a full second today. I watched her pull up on the hassock and reach over to a round table in our living room, pivot and move herself there just a few moments ago. She doesn't do that much cruising around me, so that was exciting to see.

Caroline had her 9 month appt this past Tuesday. The day before Kev was commenting on much further she can reach now and I have been thinking that she seems awfully tall. Well! She is! She has grown a lot in the past three months. She is now 18 pounds, 14 oz (back into the 50th percentile) and 28 and a half inches which puts her into the 80th percentile, the highest she's been since birth. And head circumference- back to the 90th percentile (where she started) 46 cm. Woohoo! It felt like her weight gain slowed dramatically between 6 and 8 months, but in the last month she's packed it on!

In the last 10 minutes or so Caroline has been doing her bear crawl back and forth across the length of our great room- between mommy on the couch and daddy in the kitchen. She is crawling aggressively, and rapidly. She slaps her hands loudly on the floor with each move! She just pulled herself up on the piano and played the piano a bit with one hand and then used her other hand to pull papers of the piano bench.

It is AMAZING to watch her grow and develop. This is a really fun stage.

(Her sleeping though has been miserable. But hey, what's new? I don't know if we've let her get into bad habits or if she's working hard on new teeth... Sigh.)

Pics to follow...


Silent said...

From what you have shared, Baby Girl has always been a better sleeper than Caroline, but even so, her first birthday was like a switch. All of a sudden, she slept through the night consistently (except a few days of teething combined with bad cold recently) and got on a really good nap schedule. Though that's still 3 months away, I hope the same is true for you. And of course, earlier would be better too!

Looking forward to the pics.

Heidi said...

Hooray for nine months in "the outside world"! And I love hearing about her determined movements - and so fun about the piano. Can't wait to hear more of her musical development, with these two parents she's got. :)