Sunday, January 24, 2010

developmental catch up

some exciting updates...

  • C's fine motor skills are chugging along. She's gotten very good at putting rings/stars back on stacking toys and she's almost just as good at putting things back into containers as she is at dumping things out of containers. She is trying even to put books back on shelves and small books in a box set back into their box.
  • She's making great strides in communication. She's got a word for doggy that sounds a lot like a word she uses for many other things, but it definitely means doggy to her! She is signing a fair bit too. She definitely has her own version of "more"- sometimes we don't always know what she wants more of, but we know she wants more. And she has her own sign for "fish"- though she's been taught the real one, daddy runs his finger over his lips when he reads about fish in various books so that's her sign for fish- to let us know she wants more goldfish to eat. Kev is sure she said "ish" as well this week when she wanted fish. She proclaimed "Daddy" when Kev got home the other evening, big grin, very excited. Apparently she still says "mama" mostly when upset. She never greets me with it... in time.
  • She was feverish for about a week and had very little appetite for anything other than breast milk, but, thanks be to God, her appetite seems to be back. She's been eating very well the past few weeks.
  • She has molars that have cut through on top, bottom gums are full, but nothing has cut through yet.
  • She loves to dance. She was almost dancing in the aisle at church a few times today.
  • She will soon have a new crib/bed! We've been borrowing the one that she's been using and the owners want to pass it on to someone else. We received a surprise refund check in the mail that more than covered the cost of one we really like. We picked up a mattress off Craig's List and the crib will be delivered sometime this week. It shipped today! Exciting.
  • Eepa noted that C is in a front facing car seat now. Yup. We made the shift before our big holiday road trip. She seems to like it pretty well.

I'm sure there's more... but... too tired. Pics eventually...

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daisy said...

I jst love to scroll through the pictures, I can just feel her in my arms! mamie