Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a teaser...

We're still traveling. I want to get a genuine post or two or three up today as it is the fifth, but we have some packing up to do this morning and some goodbyes to say, and some driving to do... so for now... prompts to help me remember some of what I want to share.

flexible traveller- the sleep issues paid off

meeting LOTS of people- loving the little people

"She's SO inquisitive."

LOTS of new food- can't list them all- hamburger, fries, coleslaw, pork, thai food (pad thai, curried chicken), various sweet things, barbeque beans, macaroni and cheese, honey wheat pretzels, oranges, kiwi, green beans, cauliflower soup, chicken, communion bread

very focused on whatever it is that she wants

fixated on cats and dogs- getting used to even being licked in the face or knocked over

conversational coincidence? "Your Mamie's losing it." "Yuh!" babbling more, very conversational though we rarely know what she's saying she seems to

getting more steady on her feet

saying and giving five

smitten with uncle daniel (and it was mutual!)

warming up to other people

push over

begging for food


receiving communion from auntie mieke

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