Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Gracie!

We travelled north to visit my cousin Wendy and her family on her youngest daughter's first birthday. Grace Katherine was born on December 28th last year, a few hours before Caroline Grace was baptized. Many have commented that these two could be twins. Its uncanny really... Wendy and Patrick don't look much at all like me or Kevin. Wendy looks a lot like her mom who is no blood relation to me. But Gracie... blonde... and... yup, they look similar, particularly at this age. Wendy made them matching dresses! Aren't they gorgeous? And my mom gave them matching necklaces. It is too bad we now live so far away. These girls would have so much fun playing together as they grow! We ended up spending the night due to snow and to allow me time to teach Wendy how to knit. We had lots of photo opps.

We tried to get a picture of the gorgeous girls in their dresses sitting together on a chair, but... no luck. The pics of trying to get the pic, however, are hilarious so I'll share those here. C in blue. G in pink.

And then they played together. Gracie has lots of wonderful musical instruments with which to play. It wasn't always easy for the girls to share, but is it ever easy to share? Especially at the age of 1?! They played admirably together!

And some keyboard fun!

The next morning Gracie's big brother Ben helped the girls to play with tupperware. So sweet. Ben and Josh are both GREAT big brothers.

We think C might need to rent a big brother more often. She got great exercise chasing the boys around. She slept VERY well after that visit.

Thanks Wendy, Patrick, Ben, Josh, and Gracie for a GREAT visit, a beautiful dress, a fun toy, and a cozy winter coat that served C well for the rest of our vacation!

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Wendy said...

oh my goodness-you guys continue to amaze me! this post is too much! i can't BELIEVE all that you squeezed in during your vacation-and then managed to post on your blog, as well! i do wish we tried harder to get some shots of the four kids, and of us, for that matter...and look, you even got one of the infamous drumstick-it will be awhile before i forget about that incident! hopefully miss c has forgotten! :)
gracie's twin is such an AMAZING traveller!

the knitting seems to be going well-i just finished my first scarf tonite, but unfortunately it's alot shorter than i had hoped due to lack of yarn (despite pulling it out to make it narrower several times)...i hope to figure out knitting in the round soon, so i can start some hats! i picked up the wire needles the other day. any website suggestions to learn that skill? thanks so much-you are such a great teacher!

so glad that you were able to spend time with so many that are so special to you-you guys are so very blessed! as are we, for having you in OUR lives! (we sure so wish you were closer!)
best of luck as you embark on this next semester-and try to remember what we talked about during the knitting lesson! :) oxoxo