Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mid-month blurbs about the amazing Caroline Grace

  • Caroline learned this week to make farting noises and then say "uh-oh" or "i did it!" or "eww..." and then she laughs hysterically. Kev is wondering how she became a 12 year old boy all of a sudden.

  • Speaking of laughing hysterically, the other night I dropped something and said "oops" and she started rolling with laughter. So I said "oops" again and she laughed even harder. We kept this up for a good five minutes. I have video I really should post.

  • Is it normal for a 21 month old to be able to identify emotions? She regularly asks us to draw happy or sad (faces, that is) and she properly identifies happy and sad, not just in pictures, but in people. When babies are crying she signs and says "baby cying, sad."

  • She has been enjoying lots of quality time with the piglet made with love for her by Betty Schlieder. She especially likes piglet to join her for potty/story time. She has piglet turn the pages, or open the windows on hide and seek sort of books. Tonight she told me piglet pooped, turned him over, and pulled out a wipe to wipe his bottom.

  • Added to her favorite verb list is "feel"- she asks to feel the pages of books she reading... sometimes there are special things to feel. She wants to make sure piglet gets a feel too.

  • She seems to be going through an especially clumsy phase. Her face is covered in bruises. It looks dirty even when clean. One starts to heal and then she walks into a chair or a wall or spins in circles and throws herself at something hard. Are babies clumsier when going through growth spurts?

  • She REALLY loves "ring around the rosy" and really anything that allows her to spin in circles.

  • She's also currently big on saying "it huts" and signing "hurts" at the same time. She has plenty of boo-boos that likely do hurt. She's not quite so big on telling us where precisely she hurts, but we're making progress that she uses a word instead of just melting down.

  • She speaks in long and elaborate sentences now, though we can understand only about 1/3rd of what is in any given sentence. She's just adding vocab too quickly.

  • She seems to be saying "Kevin" a lot, or maybe she's saying "Caroline" not sure.

  • She put two of her bath toys on the side of the tub tonight and said "duckie sit, froggie sit, one, two, froggie." I almost fell over. I added the purple octopus to the side of the tub and asked her to count and she said "one, two, tee". Tried for more and no luck, but I didn't know she counted to three even!

  • She really likes the word "empty" though it sounds more like "atty." She kept filling and emptying cups in the bath tonight and declaring "blue atty" or "puhpuh atty."

She is amazing.


jsd said...

Wonderful and amazing :) A fantastic vocabulary!

The clumsy as they grow was true for my daughter, and all these years later she still loves to spin/climb/flip, and she still has an uncanny knack for walking into things especially poles.

Silent said...

Baby Girl was really fascinated with happy/sad faces (having us draw them, pointing them out, etc). I'm trying to remember when--probably right around the same time.

She finally has mastered "one, two, three"--it was "one, two, six, nine" for a long time. Now it's "one, two, three, six, nine"--at least more often than not when we aren't helping!

Katie Freyer said...

She sounds so smart Sarah!! You guys are truly do a fabulous job! Abby too is xtremely clumsy or just a daredevil resulting in a lot of boo boos. The other night in the span of about 5 minutes she crawled into her window seat, cooted to the edge, gave me a big smile and dove head first into the rocking chair smacking her forehead on the lock release on the side. She was fine in about 2 minutes and used the other three to run without looking into the molding at the top of our stairwell. She cried about harder on this one. Yikes! They don't look where they are going most of the time. I think part of it is their brains move so much faster than there little feet (or judement calls). I hope all is well! Looking forward to seeing you in November!!

Sherry Mc said...

Oh such changes you will see. During this time period they seem to grow and develope overnight. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and take lots of pix. She is definitely the "amazing Caroline" and you guys have been responsible for her being that way. Much love GAS