Monday, May 5, 2008

a funny moment

So I'm supposed to fly to Louisville next week for leadership training for the General Assembly in June. I am to be a committee assistant at the Assembly and the committee I am to assist is fairly unusual so I do need the training. But after my experience at interim training last week... an excruciating exercise in trying to keep my eyes open... I was a bit nervous about whether this travel was wise. So I called my friend who invited me to take on this responsibility and shared the news of the pregnancy with him, to his delight. I think we'll be able to work out my participation allowing breaks for rest, so it is all good.

In any case, I was telling Kevin all about this tonight and he became greatly distressed at the realization that our baby will be exposed to Robert's Rules of Order in utero. He rubbed my lower back as he pouted and cooed.

"Hon, that was pretty inevitable."

"No, it wasn't," he spat out.

"Yes, it was. Any child in MY utero..."

"But no... you're leaving Presbyterian parish ministry behind, you'll be in school..."

"But I'll still be a presbyter..."

"You won't go. You'll be a student."

"O.K. whatever, I still say-inevitable."

He pouted some more.

Ah, the unknown dreams we harbor for our children.


LittleMary said...

made me laugh. sorry kev, it will get some exposure:)

April said...

very, very funny! poor kevin...

Rev SS said...

laughing here too ... poor Kevin ... poor baby! ;)

Iris said...

How funny! If it makes Kevin feel any better, both of my babies were exposed to Robert's Rules in utero and they do *nothing* decently and in order.

esperanza said...

Oh, gosh, I had not thought out these consequences thoroughly, I see. Poor Kevin. He'll just have to work to counteract the parliamentary procedures.

Jon said...

They should make an "Arch Books Book of Order" for Presbykids.