Friday, May 30, 2008

last week of the first trimester

Yesterday we turned the corner into week 13. Now simple math would suggest that last week, with week 12, we hit the second trimester. But... apparently there's a difference between pregnancy dating and gestational dating. So... next Thursday... six days away... when I'm in Wooster transitioning from reunion with closest and dearest college friends to singing with an alumni choir and wondering who I will bump into... I will enter the second trimester officially.

Last night the congregation put on a spaghetti dinner to say goodbye to Kevin and me. As I took a quick rest before changing into nicer clothes for the evening I got to thinking about the blue dress I bought for my college graduation- 10 years ago. I wondered if it would still fit. It did. Now, I probably weighed about what I do now when I graduated from college and this is one of those dresses with a string in the back so it is adjustable, but still... when our church treasurer complimented me on the dress and I told her its history she said... "I can't believe you're not showing at all yet."

Yeah. I kind of can't either. Several people on Sunday commented that my breasts are larger and I think they are, but my bras still fit so it is not exactly dramatic. I had my mom take a look at my belly on Sunday. She thinks it looks firmer. I think it looks just like the round pad of fat I've always had.

My clothes all still fit. I still wear belts with my jeans, even pulling them to the last hole.

I know it is normal for it to take awhile to show with your first pregnancy, but... I'm eager to show.

Especially because Rebecca, fabulouso seminary roommate, just sent me two paper boxes FULL of beautiful maternity clothes. People joked when Rebecca and I were paired as roommates our first year that the housing office at McCormick had taken to housing by phenotype. We're close to the same height and build- or at least we are sometimes. I have a picture of Rebecca, Beth (another good friend), and I up on the wall in my office and people often think Rebecca is my sister. She is just a bit shorter than me and now substantially thinner than me. She's done a beautiful job losing weight and maintaining her weight loss, but still... you know how there are some people who can pass on clothes to you and they will almost always work out? Rebecca and I have that sort of relationship. And she is a fabulous shopper, I am not. So... this is a GREAT gift.

I just wonder when I'll ever wear them.


Lorraine said...

I remember this as one of the most frustrating things about early pregnancy. We want to start showing so that the whole world knows we're pregnant! lol... But, I don't think I really showed until maybe 4 months? 5? Can't remember exactly. Before you start showing you'll notice the change yourself -- you won't be able to button those jeans, or zip the skirt. Then one day -- for me anyway -- it will just pop out. :))

April said...

It will happen, dear. Enjoy your normal clothes while you can. It may be that they just won't fit right again -- even if you weigh the same or less afterwards. It's crazy what the human body does after bring a kid or two into the world!

LittleMary said...

10 years!!!!!! can you believe it!!!! and my intern, she is just showing and she has 3 months left. a few weeks ago it really started. just saying...

Chorus said...

Hurray for the impending end to the first trimester!

Iris said...

yep. You'll show soon...and you'll show, and you'll show...:)

I completely understand how you're feeling- I was the same way. I loved my maternity clothes!

Sneaksleep said...

I was small and a month early, so when my mom was pregnant with me (her first), she never even had to buy maternity clothes at all. She just left her jeans unbuttoned and wore hippie peasant tops. She did show somewhat by the end, though.

I'm sure you'll start showing more soon enough!