Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tears of Relief

I didn't cry when I heard the heart beat. But I started to cry, joyful tears, when I opened my e-mail midday today.

Hi, Sarah -

Congratulations! And hallelujah. This is very good news. It will create some extra challenges, but you're taking all the right steps. Both Paul and I are eager to help you find ways to hold all this together. I have every confidence that we can make it all work.

I think we'll do better to talk by phone. Why don't you give me a call at the office tomorrow morning? The number is below. If tomorrow won't work, please suggest another day that might. I look forward to talking more soon.

I hope the first trimester is proving bearable, that the work of saying goodbye is going well, and that you and your husband have a few spare minutes to delight in and anticipate all that is happening.


God is so good. I'll call tomorrow- hopefully after sleeping very late.


LittleMary said...

god bless it!

Shalom said...

Wonderful - just as it should be! I'm out of town this weekend but hope we can talk again soon, since it's been awhile - maybe next week?

esperanza said...

thanks be to God for people who get it.

Rev SS said...

How awesome! Another wonderful affirmation from God,which brought tears to my eyes too! Singing praises of thanksgiving with you.

daisy said...

I am so happy they hear the good news, Love Daisy

Magdalene6127 said...

I am so grateful to hear this. As it should be, thanks be to Godde!