Friday, June 6, 2008

Out With a Bang

So, I've arrived at the second trimester! But boy did the first trimester go out with a bang.

I was at a reunion of my intern group from my college church and Wednesday night, the last night of our reunion, I COULD NOT SLEEP. And it had nothing to do with the adorable four and a half year old who was sharing my bed. It just wasn't happening. Much like the first few weeks I was aware of this pregnancy. And... to boot... I did just that... booted, hurled, TWICE. So... that makes six times in the first trimester, not bad at all, but how strange is it that a third of those times occurred in the last hours of the trimester?

Ah well... I'm on my college campus now and though I'm terribly far away from a women's room and my dorm room is a bit stuffy... I slept quite well last night. And there isn't much on the calendar today so I'm finishing a novel and napping and checking in with Kev regularly as we are getting closer and closer to making an offer on a house. Day of rest today. Alleluia.


Rev SS said...

So glad you're getting some rest, and can't wait to hear about your new house.

Juniper said...

Good news on the house - I must confess to some jealousy that your husband has gone and done that - trying to buy a house for our family (which was mostly my project) was one of my more exasperating experiences of all time.