Saturday, June 21, 2008

Too Funny

So I'm in San Jose for the Presbyterian General Assembly. A week or so ago we received a notice that the someone involved in the leadership of the G.A. is receiving treatments for cancer and has some sort of radioactive element implanted inside him which means that pregnant women and young children shouldn't have extended exposure to him. I was actually sent this notice twice. I think it may have been sent especially for me. Now this is not a person on my committee, he is someone I anticipated being near once or twice, perhaps. I wasn't sure how to negotiate that, but... figured we'd work it out.

Last night was our second leadership briefing and we happened to have several open seats at our dinner table. Leadership not connected to committees was reallocated to empty seats. Where did Mr. Radioactive get seated? At our table. At first he sat next to a woman he knew. Then, being very friendly (really, and someone I'd REALLY like to get to know.) he scooted down a few seats to sit next to me. "Nah, I'll sit with you and get to know you!" He declared happily. "Um... actually... I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to scoot down a few seats because I'm pregnant!" "It's you?!" he said. "You won't believe this, but all day I've been asking women if they're pregnant. They have not been amused. The first time I don't ask..." He quickly scooted down. "That's o.k.," I said, "I'd really like to sit next to you." Everybody at the table was laughing. It appears that that e-mail was sent purely for my behalf and then the leadership sat the guy with the one pregnant woman.

He really is a nice guy... I could tell that from a few seats away too.