Thursday, September 11, 2008

backlogged blog

I have SO many posts brewing for this blog and no time in which to pour them out. But I didn't want this day to roll into tomorrow without noting here that we have safely arrived at the third trimester! woohoo!

Hopefully coming soon to a blog near you:
  • recent pictures- i think the belly is visible without lifting the shirt now, usually.
  • thoughts about a play we saw last weekend- thanks mamav for the tip.
  • all the creeping "how ever will we make this work" that is coming on as the big day draws closer
  • where "stoutearthchild" comes from because mamav asked and some of you might not know
  • update from our check-up today
  • why is it that all the library books i need are on the bottom shelf? and other moments when the reality of this pregnancy sinks in.
  • on singing through labor

oh shooey- there are others, but it is late and i MUST go to bed. presenting in class tomorrow morning.

rev.dulce asked the due date- december 4th! and i'm hoping the baby comes just about on time.


LittleMary said...


Sneaksleep said...

I am so excited for you about so many things! I can't wait to read about all those things you mentions (and see the pics). Meanwhile, I'll be sending you good vibes for getting into the groove with classes and hoping that your library books choose to locate themselves on shelves that do no require bending from now on. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pics!

As far as the... how will we make this work... some days... will be peachy keen without a problem in the world... other days... it's gonna be second by second. You can only plan for the big stuff... like college or buying a car... everything else is pretty much seat of the pants!

Singing through labor? That means drugs right?

Shalom said...

will definitely look forward to the future posts. And congrats on the French exam!

Rev SS said...

haven't been here for awhile... great catching up. Happy you found good midwives and *smiling* at Beachwalkin's response to "how we will make this work"