Tuesday, September 30, 2008

quick update from today's check-up

Lots of chit-chat- nearly a two hour home visit!

Blood Pressure- 110/64 (coming back down, woohoo!)

Baby's Heart Rate- 140

Measuring- 32 cm (or maybe 31 which would be right on as this is my 31st week, she was having a hard time being certain about the top of my uterus today)

Baby Position- Right Side, Head Down

I think my weight is hovering around 210 now. I can't remember what I weighed to begin with, but I think this is somewhere between 30 and 40 pounds up.

Finally remembered to ask some questions I've had for awhile. Can Kevin catch the baby? Sure. Do we have to cut the cord right away? Absolutely not... we take our time, no rush unless there's some emergency with the baby.

Ah. Good.

Next check up in two weeks at the home of the head of the practice. Follow-up ultrasound in three weeks.

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