Saturday, September 13, 2008

check-up update

By far the least exciting of the backlogged posts, but the easiest to post quickly.

Our Thursday prenatal check-up was in our home this time, with the woman who will be the primary midwife at our birth. My weight jumped another 10 pounds or so in the past two weeks. Looks like I may gain over 40 for the pregnancy at this rate. I don't look all that large so it's kind of hard to imagine that I've gained as much as I have. For all that I've gained, however, I'm measuring small, not really small, on the small end of normal- 26 cm- 28 cm would be dead on- 30 would be o.k, I was at 26. I think I was 26 at my last appointment too. I'm guessing the baby was crooked or something, not straight up and down, effecting the measurement. The midwife said she did think the baby was in a strange position because I was "shaped funny". Alrighty then. I hadn't felt the head pressing into my bladder so I thought maybe the baby was horizontal, but she felt the head nice and low, so the baby still seems to be head down, which is good. The baby's heart rate was 144. My blood pressure was quite good- 117 over 70, I think. I've started to experience some swelling in my feet and ankles and she gave me some good tips for dealing with that. She spent an hour with us. Crazy to me how much more generous home birth midwives are able to be with their time.

A few other backlogged posts yet to come:
  • birth class begins
  • registering, aie.
  • possible shower in our new city


esperanza said...

everything is sounding good. Glad you have a caregiver with time--that is a blessing for sure.

And I can only imagine the registering part. That was awful! So much worse than wedding registering. But how much money and time it saved us later--our churches and friends were so generous. But still, just yuck in the doing of it.

Rivkah said...

I had to laugh when you were talking about being 'shaped funny.' I had that too! I think she liked to lie sort of diagonally with her feet up into my rib cage (ouch!). I never looked as pregnant as I was, since I seemed to spread out sideways instead of in front. Thanks for the memories, as they say!
Blessings on all three of you.