Friday, January 9, 2009

5 Weeks Old! Goodbye, Mamie!

Tis a bit of a sad day as we said goodbye to Mamie today. We've grown rather accustomed to having ann extra loved one around, first Aunt Katherine for so long and then Mamie for an exceedingly productive and blessed two weeks. The house seems so quiet and still with just the three of us. We'll miss having someone who loves Caroline fiercely to nuzzle her for an hour or two in the early morning to allow me some extra sleep. We'll miss all the massive help. We'll miss having another person to ooh and ah over the impossibly cute things C does. We'll miss the encouragement that we're doing a good job as parents in the midst of long and/or intensely angry crying jags. Yup. It is hard to say goodbye.

That said, it is sort of exciting to begin this journey of parenthood just the three of us. Three of us! Wow... for so long we waited and wanted. And the moment is here.

Caroline and Mamie in the nursery Mamie worked so hard on while here. Caroline was rather sad and so required loud shushing in her ear to calm her.

A bit more of the nursery is visible in this one... not so much the crying baby.

Two mothers with their first born daughters.

Saying goodbye at the airport. So sad...


Mama V said...

Hey, you three. :)

I still get that sinking stomach feeling whenever my parents and/or in-laws go away after visiting from out of town. It's always nice to get back to normalcy and be a little family again after they leave, but the help and support and fun and seeing them with my boys are sooo wonderful and so hard to give up until they come again.

I love the one of you doing the football hold with Caroline. ;)

I should know this, but where does your mom live?

LittleMary said...

i know it is so hard to say goodbye. so glad mamie could be there for so long!

Rev SS said...
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Rev SS said...

just catching up ... love all the progress reports and pictures!

Sherry Mc said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the pix of Mamie with Caroline. Now I have something to print out!!! Love the nursery. Looks like a cozy place for Caroline. Daddy's definitely got the touch with her. Love to all, GAS