Saturday, January 17, 2009

the post that should have landed here

I got done writing this post over on the other blog, it was placed there because I thought it was going to be about W.W. and knitting, but when I finished it I realized it is all about baby... so... I'm cross posting it here.

Yesterday we hit six weeks postpartum which means... safe to rejoin Weight Watchers. And I did. Easy as pie since I am a lifetime member and Kev found my old membership book so that I had a number to prove it. The number on the scale... not so easy to see. I am basically back to where I started in 2001, but... for good reason. And... I'm back on track. And WOW do you get a lot of points when you're my size and breastfeeding. I CAN DO THIS.

My plan had been to bring Caroline in to WW with me in case she needed to eat. I think she's going through another growth spurt. She is eating constantly it seems. But she ate before we left and was deeply asleep by the time we got to WW. Kev was going to run some errands so he offered to bring her with. And... she slept right through it all. She was sound asleep still when I got done with WW.

We needed to pick something up at Babies 'R' Us (which is super close to WW) and Kev offered to stay in the car with our sleeping beauty. But we were going on 2 and a half hours since she had last eaten and as she had been eating practically every two hours like clockwork I said "No, let's bring her in. There's a great room for nursing and changing. I'll do that. I'm sure she needs to eat."

And indeed she was one VERY hungry girl, but she got to the boob before getting upset and I managed to alternate feeding and changing and even did some clothes changing while feeding and kept her pretty content (just a bit of squawking in putting on sleeves- she hates sleeves). We bought environmentally more friendly diapers and got on our way.

And by the time we came home she was again sound asleep. I had wanted to go to knitting circle this afternoon if she was in good space and sound asleep (with a bottle of pumped milk at the ready) seemed like good space. So I went, and checked in every hour and she slept for nearly four hours! I said I thought she was going through a growth spurt and this confirms it! I was only gone 2 and a half, but I got home just after she finished the bottle and was ready for more . I was more than ready to feed her, perfect arrangement.

We've been invited to a party tonight and think we'll go for a bit. Yes, this has been a good day.

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Shifting Gears said...

The weight will come off, don't push yourself too hard-too soon. I also know that feeling of needing to get out a reconnect with the world but again, don't push yourself to exhaustion. I worry about you girlfriend!

Love to all...