Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Pics from Caroline's sixth week

Caroline in her bear suit after one of her many trips out in this cold week (even we think it is cold so folks from the south are DYING!) Rebecca, fabulouso seminary roommate went to Babies 'R' Us with me when she was here over Thanksgiving and said "SHE NEEDS THIS!" and pulled it off the rack. She was right! We have used it a lot, to good effect and great admiration. Caroline is lying, by the way, on her changing table, in her nursery which is now fully functional and is the site of all her changes during the day (when we're home!) The changing pad, like so much baby stuff in our lives, is also courtesy of Rebecca's household. Thank you dear friends.

This was daddy's first try with the sling and he had to give Caroline a finger to suck on to calm her down, but... eventually she fell asleep as you see here. Evidence of more progress. And isn't it a sweet picture?

She sleeps in her crib! During daytime naps (when she isn't sleeping on us! This is also a sign of the progress this sixth week has held. She has taken some LONG naps in there. The first pic is of her on the boppy. She fell asleep on me on it and Kev couldn't bear to take her off it. He filled in the gap on it and we checked her regularly and she was FINE despite the fact she wasn't on her back on a hard surface...and it did make a sweet photo. The blanket she was wrapped in used to wrap up Mama V's boys and it was made by a mutual friend of ours Thanks, Mama V, for sharing it. (Too tired to link, sorry.)

This last pic is actually one of the first taken this week. I wanted to get a pic of Caroline in this cute little dress I once wore, but most of the pics she's cranked up to 12. This isn't a great pic, but it's the only one where she doesn't look totally distressed.

No pics of mommy this week. Oh well. I think I'll feel more pic worthy in about a month.


LittleMary said...

she is so much more alert, you are right. amazing amazing indeed.

Mama V said...

LOVE the picture of C with K. I think it's frame-worthy. ;)

Sneaksleep said...

It must seem amazing to realize it's been (only? already?) six weeks! She's looking lovely, and her father is in utter bliss. I need to get your mailing address at some point....