Friday, October 9, 2009

44 weeks!

So, if you haven't done so already click on the top picture in the 10 month most so to bring up a larger version of it. When my Aunt Debbie did this in order to get a closer look at Caroline's two top teeth she was astonished to see bumps all along her entire gum line. We hadn't done this. And Caroline won't let us look inside her mouth. She locks her jaw even (especially if she has put something in her mouth that doesn't belong there!) But... Debbie appears to be correct... which explains... a pretty awful stretch of nights, lots of unexplained screaming fits days and nights, lots of clingy stretches, and LOTS of nursing whenever she had the chance. Today, apparently, she wasn't evidencing much mouth pain, for a change, but was needing lots of playful attention from daddy all day long. (She boycotted naps today.) Debbie says it should all be over in 3 weeks judging from the appearance of her gum line... so just about when midterms are over... so. very. tired. But really... our poor girl... I can't imagine so many teeth wriggling their way up or down at once!

She's teetering on the edge of standing self-sufficiently. She's been doing lots of standing, squatting, standing.... unsupported... for longer and longer stretches.

She had another adventurous eating week- new foods this week- Injera (an Ethiopian bread that Kev made- high in protein and iron), Goldfish, Breadsticks (made special for her by daddy) which we dip into a beet/apple combination that Kev also made, and an avocado dip. She loves all the carbs. LOVES them and gnaws, gnaws, gnaws on those breadsticks. Perfect teething food. I just love that our girl was introduced to Injera and goldfish on the same day.

Caroline is mimicking sounds more regularly now. And I swear she said "Wa" while reaching for my water glass. But still... no definite words other than da da, ma ma... lots of creative babble however.

She's taken to laughing when either mommy or daddy fart- lots of occasions for laughing on that front! Especially with all the lentils we've been eating of late! I've also been meaning to record the sneezing pattern she's settled into- she almost always sneezes twice. After the first sneeze she looks stricken or distressed, after the second sneeze she almost always grins and giggles. Very cute.

It is easier and easier to get her to laugh, really laugh, these days.

Kev reports that tonight she was doing a lot more intentional cruising.

Kev has been reading lots more to her and she has increased patience to make it through books! She loves "One Oogly Eye", "Grumpy Frumpy Happy Snappy", "Look at the Animals", "Tickle One Baby", "Bathe One Baby", and she likes patting the bunny now, which is good, she needs gentleness training.

She has been doing a lot of putting things into containers and taking this out of containers. She loves pulling bins out of the cubes they're in in her nursery and reaching in and pulling things out which she sometimes then puts into another bin she pulls out. We need to get clever and put good learning things in the bins. Kev reports she was taking a small jewelry box she was playing with in our bedroom and putting it into the bed of the truck Mamie gave her. She also loves dumping the bin of big lego blocks and carrying the blocks around her room, sometimes putting them back in the bin.

I know that the parenting wisdom now is that you can't spoil a child in the first 6 months. What about the 2nd 6 months? Caroline definitely knows that if she throws a fit she'll get what she wants... should we already be trying to teach her patience? What think ye wise ones?

Pics and maybe video to follow on Sunday if energy and time allow...


Shalom said...

LOVING all the photos! She is just adorable.

On the spoiling...well, who knows. So far I haven't been able to refrain with my niece, but that's a different deal. The cuteness factor is pretty hard to resist, though.

Silent said...

I don't know if it's possible to teach patience, but maybe politeness? We worked on "more" in sign which Baby Girl started to use on her own when she wanted something. So now when she starts a fit for wanting something, we ask her to be polite and say please. She usually will calm and make the sign and then we give her whatever it is. Of course, we aren't always consistent and neither is she and it doesn't eliminate all fits, but I think it does help.

I recommend "Baby Signing Times" videos to teach/learn some sign. There's also "Signing Time" but I think that's more for older kids. Maybe you could find it at your library--we got some at ours.

I can't tell you how much I love reading every week!

I know this blog is about Caroline, but how are you? (Other than so tired...)

Deb said...

Don't hold me to the "it will be over in 3 weeks". ;-)

Aunt Debbie

Cecilia said...

I don't believe you can spoil a baby at this age. I do believe you can, as silent said, help them to learn patience and politeness by how you respond to their requests/ demands.

Caroline is so gorgeous and happy! It thrills me to see all these wonderful updates.