Friday, October 23, 2009

More pics, Less Text- From the Last Few Weeks- Including Two from Today 46 weeks!

Check out the bottom of her feet. These were hand me downs. I just thought they were cute socks. I didn't realize they were funny!

At the zoo with daddy while mommy graded papers and researched her own paper. The carousel? Something to look forward to. The bird? Less interesting than the people.

In a pinafore her mommy once wore.

Caroline will pick up books now, hand them to us, and sit in our laps. So gratifying.

I think this was an outfit that her Aunt Katherine used to wear, but maybe I did.

My beloved friend, Fran, gave us this mini-shopping cart. It has served different purposes in our marriage. Currently, it holds napkin rings. And is a toy for Caroline. She loves crawling under the dining room table to it and dumping it out.

So. Incredibly. Cute. Onesie from Aunt Janet; Skirt from Cousin Abby; baby legs from 1st cousin once removed Laura.

Playing with second cousin Kate and Kate's water bottle.

Playing with Godsister Abby the day before Abby's baptism. (Abby is wearing the jacket Caroline's Aunt Katherine bought for Caroline right after she was born!) Abby has GREAT toys. And a great dog. Caroline loves visiting Abby.

Caroline and Abby hung out with Abby's Grandma and Grandpa and with Abby's teacher from day care while mommy and daddy went out with Katie and Haddon and Katie's brother Dan to see a comedian. Abby slept the whole time we were gone. So Caroline got lots of quality attention. Abby's teacher commented that Caroline's hair is coming in beautifully and that she thinks it is going to be thick. She also said that Caroline's speech is very unusual, not problematic, just different. I think she sounds like a cartoon character. Katie's brother Dan said that she sounds like a very cute cartoon character. Her favorite sound last weekend, said rather explosively, was "Beeyo!" Dan took to calling her "Beeyo!" Abby's grandma (So Caroline's Godgrandma?) made Caroline a BEAUTIFUL sweater- and here it is!

With Godsister Abby on Abby's baptism day. Abby's eyes got wide when the water touched her head. Caroline wasn't there to see it. She was having a blast in the nursery. She did great in the care of others this past weekend. When we came to the nursery to get her after church she was strapped into a bouncy chair (something we never had) and looking quite content. Mindblowing! I couldn't believe our little active baby was happy to be strapped down! But she was. Good for them!

Jumping in her crib. Not that you can tell that that is what she is doing in a still shot! But funny face, eh?

Yesterday... I've been eager to put this shirt on her! And it fits!

And today- in a sweater and a hat her mamie, my mommy made for me! And chomping on a spoon.. Something she really likes to do!

So a few quick updates-

  • another tooth is cutting through on top!
  • Caroline is rather destructive. She's gnawed chunks out of some of her books and ripped the cover off another. We're trying to teach her better ways to love her books. She'd LOVE to gnaw on mommy's books... so far we've avoided that.
  • new foods this week- minestrone soup specially made for her by daddy, cheese breadsticks, and she tried hummus again and liked it, a lot! And it was a pretty strong batch! She had a lick of salsa this morning and liked that too! Such a good eater...
  • So close to walking... appears to be trying to step from independent standing now. I think she may have even taken one step today. She'll walk even if we just hold on to one finger and stand still. She can do it. She just needs to decide that she can!
  • I don't think I mentioned before that the funky mobile that used to hang over her crib broke and so is stashed deep in her closet. She has discovered that if she crawls into the closet she can get her hands on one of the little creatures on the mobile. And she tugs and tugs on him as if to liberate him.
  • She truly has mastered climbing. She always wants to get higher, higher, higher. And she has no fear of edges. She has made us very nervous more than once already.
  • Kev just reminded me that on Tuesday (when I was working from home), Caroline called out from the kitchen "Ma!" And then immediately made her way around and back to the bedroom where I was working.
  • We have a fun toy on the fridge that is a barnyard musical matching thing. It involves the fronts and backs of animals. If you match them you get to hear the animal sound and a fun song about the animal. If they're mismatched you hear "you're silly!" and a fun song anyhow. The other day a duck front was matched with a cow butt. And Caroline seemed to be trying to place the cow front on top of the duck front. She hasn't grasped that she has to take one out to swap it up, but... maybe she's matching?


daisy said...

she is too unbelievably cute! I made the pinafore also for Katherine and you wore a matching one, I think you were about 3 or 4. She is so vibrant, I'm thinking you were about 10 months when we moved into the house on Gordon Place and that is when your life with the carousel began, alomost daily trips, of course it was free! Mommy, you look pretty fabulous also! Love Mamie

Heidi said...

Love her facial expressions!!! Such cute clothes, and what an adventurous eater! She's doing such interesting, adventurous things. Love hearing the stories. Keep 'em coming, Mom and Dad. Hope all is well with you guys, too. Miss you.

jsd said...

She is a great eater, I wish I my kiddos enjoyed a better variety of veggies, they can list all 5 and how they liked them prepared :)

If Caroline enjoys the barnyard refrig toy, she may enjoy LeapFrog's Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set.