Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun with Food and Water- A pic and two videos! 44 weeks!

Yum! Injera and Goldfish!

And here she is enjoying a homemade breadstick...


And getting a proper sip of water...



Mama V said...


I was watching these videos together with Jesse-Bear, and he went ga-ga for Caroline! He MUCH preferred the first video (got angry when I went to the second video again and then kept pointing to the first). He would smile and laugh, bring his face up really close to the monitor (really, his nose almost touched), make the sign for "baby," wave good-bye to her at the end, blow her kisses, and make the sign for "more" frantically.

I finally pulled out the camera and took a video of the last time he watched it. It's not nearly as exuberant but you can see some of these things I mentioned. I'll email it to you!

And you weren't kidding - that Caroline is such a ham for the camera. No wonder Jesse was so smitten!

Sarah S-D said...

cool! i look forward to it, v!

she really has become a ham.

Heidi said...

Oh my God, she's adorable. What a smile!!! And I love seeing her ham for the camera. :)

EJ said...

What a good time.

How's the balancing going?