Monday, May 9, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

Most of these pics don't have daddy in them because we gave him the day to himself for his birthday. We met up for dinner before he went to the symphony (and hence the last pic), but C and I spent most of the day at the zoo with Klem-Mari who took several of these pics. Klem is a colleague of mine and it was the day after her birthday. She had never been to the zoo and was absolutely delighted with it!

We spent a fair bit of time in the play area of the zoo and on this day Caroline decided she wanted to run around the raised seats in the toddler area, and she would actually ask mommies and daddies to move when they were in her way... yeah... we worked to redirect that pretty quickly.

Unfortunately the cake pictures from the night before aren't worth sharing, but this cozy moment at dinner is fabulous!

We love daddy!

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