Monday, May 9, 2011

First day of school!

There is a home-based montessori program just a few miles from our home. We've been interested in getting Caroline into it for awhile now and we took the plunge in April. She's going one day a week until June and starting in June, she'll go three days a week 8:30-3:30. Despite a mishap on her second day of school (ever) (as will be recounted in another post yet), she LOVES it. We only have a vague idea what she does when she's there. Mostly... she plays.... We know she plays outdoors a lot while she's there because she comes home utterly filthy (and content). We hope she's making friends, but we really have no idea. She's started talking a fair bit about Zoe, and there is a little girl named Zoe there... so... perhaps a friend. The first day we tried all sorts of strategies to get her to talk about her day... every strategy resulted in "I dunno." Sigh. Anyhow... she's happy. And we're happy she's happy.

I braided her hair for the special day. Just two half braids... really liked the results.

Looking coy shortly before leaving.

The requisite front porch pics. Twas a rainy day. She was ready. Blanket draped across her backpack for nap time after lunch.

So sweet... walking the beam before departing...

And here's the best shot of the school that I could get with the cell from the car...

And here she is minutes after being dropped off... I didn't even say goodbye. She was too absorbed and I didn't want to upset her. I was worried that that would create some sort of abandonment issues, but Kev assured me that he had said "See ya later," before she ran off. The teacher shared that it dawned on her at some point that we had left and she looked concerned for a moment, but quickly shrugged it off.

Wow. School.


casey elizabeth said...

Adorable!!! I cannot wait to meet her!

Sarah S-D said...

I can't wait for you to meet her either! So soon!