Monday, May 9, 2011

A Visit from Aunt Khaki!

We were blessed to have a weekend visit from Aunt Khaki early in April. Perhaps you've seen some of the pics from this visit on facebook. Here are a few more.

Khaki arrived on Saturday afternoon, just before our pastor's wedding. So Aunt Khaki and Caroline had some quality reconnection time, coloring with chalk on the front porch, and I'm sure plenty of other things... including looking at pictures on Khaki's phone, that was a favorite pass time while she was here! I had no idea Caroline knew how to work a touch screen until she took Khaki's iPhone and starting sliding pics around like a champ! Caroline took maybe 5 minutes to warm up to Khaki, max, in the car on the way home from the airport.

We went to the zoo Sunday morning before church. Caroline was especially colorful that day. Aunt Khaki inspires such brilliant color!

At church on Sunday, the guest preacher invited all married couples present to renew our wedding vows. Aunt Khaki posted a pic of that.

We had a bonfire Sunday night with some friends. No pics taken. Twas lovely.

Monday Aunt Khaki, Caroline, and I went to Monkey's Treehouse and the Loveless Cafe.
Aunt Khaki was great help with climbing.

And Caroline also did a fair bit of playing on her own....

Aunt Khaki and Caroline really enjoyed the biscuits at the Loveless Cafe.

We didn't take enough pics. My favorite pic from the visit is one I think I need permission before I post, so this will suffice for now. WE LOVE AUNT KHAKI! We're SO grateful you came!

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