Friday, February 20, 2009

11 weeks!

Caroline has had a very full 11th week. Valentine's Day- on which daddy and mommy- mostly daddy- cooked for the next two weeks and then enjoyed pizza and Mad Men at home. And then, early the next morning, our dear friends, the A Family arrived after driving ALL night. What a gift of love to have them with us! Caroline especially bonded with the youngest of the family, H. H paid careful attention to the ways that we comfort and calm her and she replicated them... to great effect. N, the middle child in the family, also was wonderful with Caroline. One day, all the women and girls went shopping together and N and H were in the back seat with Caroline offering a little finger and singing one of the sweet songs Kev has made up since her arrival. "Caroline Grace, what a pretty face, who'd've thought you'd be so cute. Caroline Grace, what a pretty face, shoulda known you'd be so cute." It was so sweet to hear this coming from their little voices. And of course, K, mom in the family was FABULOUS. And T and E, the men in the family, they were pretty darn great too. And while they were here, their last morning here, I believe, Caroline rolled over for the first time! We've been more diligent about tummy time (slightly more diligent) and she doesn't especially like being on her tummy during her active alert times. So... she turned over! And lots of people saw it happen! Woohoo!

Caroline still has intense times of crying. It seems that they're lasting longer now, but happening less frequently. It seems when she's really tired, over tired, she cries intensely. Or when she's quite hungry and not quite getting fed fast enough (say she wakes up in the car and its 10 minutes to home). Sometimes though, she cries for no apparent reason... still... intensely.

But... we are having so many wonderful stretches of active, alert... she's "talking" so much more. And I have discovered that if I nuzzle my nose into her belly and my hair sweeps across her neck and face she throws her head back, mouth agape, giggling almost, appearing enraptured. Tis wonderful.

And, praise Jesus, she is finally sleeping three to four hour blocks at night again. For the past two weeks, most nights she was sleeping 1-2 hours max, and then would be awake for nearly an hour between. I was almost at my breaking point when, while the A's were here... she clicked back into a more sane sleep schedule. Ah... She must have been in an extended growth spurt. Whatever it was... glad it is over... for now.

(Jack, I will refrain from a discussion of what you think I've been discussing too much here... but I could go on...)

We have taken so many pictures this week that it would be too much for one post. I'll post several just pic posts tonight. And I really do need to post a video, but those aren't on the computer yet. But here are a few shots from today. Caroline's Great Grandma Til sent this sweater, made by a friend of hers. It is gorgeous and she was THOROUGHLY admired when we were at the mall this afternoon (my computer is a bit sick and we were there for HELP at the genius bar!)

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Heidi said...

A beautiful sweater on a beautiful girl. (And what a beautiful closet of baby-knits she has!)