Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Cause- Hand Knit Love

The hat was a gift from Uncle Tony and Aunt Patty! Isn't is ADORABLE! She's been wearing it ALL WEEK! The sweater was made with love by Rebecca. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL! She has also been wearing it all week! This was her look on our walk about the park one day... getting some MUCH needed sleep.


Magdalene6127 said...

So much fun scrolling through these pictures... hoping to add to your "hand-knit" love collection VERY shortly...had to finish Petra's Christmas present first. And I did!! YAY!

Love to you all.

Jessica said...

Sarah & Kevin I as so happy I stumbled upon this blog. Caroline is beautiful congratulations! You all look like you are doing well and enjoying the greatest blessing one could ever have! I am thrilled that you finally got your miracle, I know how hard that wait can be!

Jennifer said...

Ugh! I just wrote and lost a comment. Here we go the beautiful 'wrapped in love' outfit. Caroline is gorgeous. Travel tips....keep Momma's milk close by, bring Benadryl if need be, perhaps a pacifier (even if you don't usually use one--the sucking can help). Pray! :)